Costuming My Bliss

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O.K. These things seriously suck. I hate trying to sum myself up in a few sentences. But, here goes.
This blog is mainly about my trials and tribulations in the world of historical costume. When it comes to costuming, I'm a bit schizophrenic. (well, really I'm like that in all areas. I'll read practically anything. Even If it sucks, I stick with it to the bitter end. My playlist is a study in contrasts, ranging from Mozart to Metallica) I tend to jump eras erratically, as the mood strikes. Right now, the fascination is with the Victorian eras. (I say eras because I haven't focused on one particular fashion trend) But, who knows what tomorrow will bring.
I live in Ca. with my husband and our daughter. Despite my constant badgering, and bribes of very large codpieces, my husband steadfastly refuses to join in my time traveling games. *le sigh* Maybe after 16 more years he'll finally cave. One can dream....
Most of my entries are public. But occasionally, I feel the need to go on a political rant, rail at the corruption of the insurance companies, talk about my daughter, or share stuff of a more personal nature. These posts, along with any that contain pictures of my daughter, will be strictly friends only. That would include any costume that she may be modeling, finished or unfinished.
If we have interests or friends in common, feel free to friend me, but drop me a line (either pm or comment on an open post)so I know you aren't a spammer or one of the other strange inhabitants of lj land.. Most likely, I'll friend you back. I won't friend anyone who has no entries, or no user info.
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